Alex Turner’s love letter to Alexa Chung: "My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it. The idea that you may kiss it again is stuck in my brain, which hasn’t stopped thinking about you since well before any kiss."




Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris


Ke Kula - College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at the University of Hawaii - Waimanalo, Hawaii. Sustainability Living Learning Center - Designed by Graham Hart - Fall 2013 - Final Model





Gewad, Ghent, Belgium by Atelier Vens Vanbelle | via

This project brings together four new apartments which run perfectly under, over and trough eachother. The building was erected on the spot where once stood a burnt costume shop. Maarten bought the dilapidated house with his brother and parents, and began puzzling together with his business partner Dries. “There was a lot of thinking concerned. We started from zero, only preserving the rear facade. Not only an urban intervention, but thanks to the old rear facade the original dimensions of the courtyard were also retained.” ”Each apartment overlooks both the street, the central patio, and the courtyard, so that at any time of the day somewhere sunlight can come in.

Whoever enters the building, stands on a particular courtyard. The architects had shortly before the start of the project on tour in Italy, and there the idea grew. “You will see countless courtyards with stairs, balconies and doors in places where you least expect it. That was also the intention: that you step inside and not immediately know how the apartments are oriented. ‘The staircase consists of different materials and we even spotted a piece of’ reverse ‘staircase. “It reminds of a drawing of graphic artist Escher, which kicks all directions seem to go.” The patio provides a unique circulation throughout the building. The residents come out against each other, or see each other occasionally pass through a window. “Without that privacy is violated. We made sure that no one else is living inside look. “The patio is built with stones recovered from the burned building. Above the patio there’s a large mirror made of polished aluminum. It was positioned in a way it reflects down the sunlight during the day and seen from below it reflects the sky.

Photography: Tim Van de Velde

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