Shirokane House MDS

"The site for this residence is surrounded on four sides by other buildings. Working within those conditions, the architects maximized the amount of natural light brought into the building from above and designed the interior so that light reaches all the way to the lower levels."

(Source: archatlas)


(via Wood shelter with lattice roof by Architectural Association students)

my boy 
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Fancy a Joint?: innovative joinery in new furniture design

(by Bernhard Klestil)

(via Wood Encouragement Policy Coming To Australia | ArchDaily)
FMD Architects

Live Edge Cedar Slab Bench. Is it just not he beautiful bench you have ever seen! I love the joint! it alone its making me dance around.

Shelterwood 48-Page Ruled Memo Books
Field Notes
Lytro Illum | Cool Material

"A couple years back, Lytro released a camera that allowed you to capture the entire light field when you were taking pictures. This gave you the ability to focus the images after you’ve taken them. In a word, it was fantastic. Now the company is back with another camera that you’re going to want to get your hands on. The Lytro Illum is the world’s first high-end consumer camera that captures the whole light field. You’ll be able to explore your pictures from different perspectives, focal points, and dimensions. You’ll be able to view and edit the pictures right on the 4″ touchscreen, and have an 8x optical zoom at the ready. You can even select what to focus on in a shot by tapping it on the display. There are also some desktop tools that will let you get even more creative with the pictures you snapped with the camera. Available for pre-order now, the first Lytro Illums should ship in July."

Cat Table by © LYCS architecture
Designed to keep your cat off you keyboard.
via TreeHugger | cybergata